Why B.D.M

“Focus on business – leverage through technology” 

We provide solutions that adjust to the exact needs of the Company we are working with. Our solutions are supportive to specific Business Objectives because we strongly believe that Technology should be driven by the Business itself and it should not drive the Business to change just for the sake of Technology. 

Unfortunately it’s very common today for an Organization to implement a new Ready Made Solution and then to realize that this solution does not fulfill their exact corporate objectives. This results in waste of time and money and it’s not that simple to evaluate. This type of failures cause very important side effects like the demotivation of the users towards technology, waste of otherwise productive time and money, possible exposure to the market and many others negative symptoms. 

B.D.M invests a lot of time in order to fully understand your everyday processes and procedures (exact mapping of your actual needs) prior to proposing you its solution. We evaluate the situation, identify the problematic areas and then plan our approach by focusing on how to automate and streamline business procedures and avoid errors that hold back your organization from thriving. 

B.D.M considers that Technology should be user friendly so that it can be easily adopted and managed. Any design complexity is always hidden away from the user so that he/she can keep working in the most productive way. We also pay much attention on performance optimization issues so that regardless of the volume of computations or calculations the system has to go through, the user experience is maintained in extremely high levels.